Employment Assistance Services Program

Jim at Precision 2Our Employment Assistance Services program will assist clients who are interested in finding a job. These services include skill assessments, skills training, individual job placements, employment counselling, job training and support to both client and employer in the workplace. Assessments will be performed to assist in determining readiness for job placement.

Support individuals to:

  • Obtain skills
  • Overcome employment barriers
  • Prepare for employment
  • Prepare for interviews
  • Secure and maintain employment

Our professional, experienced staff will:

  • Visit your work site to explore and determine employment opportunities
  • Screen and match potential employees for employment suitability
  • Provide on-the-job training to ensure high quality work is performed
  • Provide ongoing support to both the employee and employer throughout the duration of employment

Benefits to Employers:

  • An employee who takes pride in their work
  • Support to employer and employee is for the duration
  • Reduced cost of screening and recruitment

Research indicates:

  • Above average attendance record
  • Average or above performance record
  • Above average safety records
  • Lower staff turnover with workers who have a disability being five times more likely to stay on the job