Vocational Training Program

Travis and Kelly working on contractDomino's pictureJim at Precision 2The Vocational Training Program, keeping in mind a view of the person as a whole and acknowledging the need for each individual to explore his/her full potential, provides opportunities for individuals to contribute and participate in a meaningful way using a variety of work activities and teaching/training sessions to support individuals to develop the skills and behaviours needed for effective involvement in supported work and/or future community based employment.

Skills focused on in this program include but are not limited to:

  • Physical skills (strength, endurance, mobility and motor skills)
  • Production skills (attention to task, discrimination, pace, quality, independent work rate)
  • Social skills (communication, accepting instruction and feedback)
  • Personal skills (punctuality and attendance, adapting to change and time awareness)

Work activities may include but not limited to: wood production, various mail service and production contracts as well as use of materials to train in production skills.

Some positions our clients presently hold:

  • Dishwasher
  • Stockroom Worker
  • Custodial Associate
  • Food Service Worker
  • Mail Sorter
  • Bakery Worker
  • Collator
  • Maintenance Crew Worker
  • Production Worker
  • Utility Worker
  • Flag Person
  • Toll Booth Operator
  • Stock Clerk
  • Day Care Assistant

“I like Tremploy because I get a chance to learn new things and get to work on different contracts.”

~ Orville McCabe