Activity Enrichment Program

The Activity Enrichment Program acknowledges that all needs are specific to the individual and as such may need to be addressed in a unique manner. The Activity Enrichment Program through various teaching/training activities and strategies supports and provides opportunities for the development of independence in basic self-help,  discrimination, motor and sensory skills. This program also acknowledges the wealth of personal and social benefits derived from leisure/recreational pursuits.  Through the use of a variety of activities, we support and provide opportunities for participants to be involved and “have fun”.

The Activity Enrichment Program is delivered in a smaller group format with individuals working together in a group as well as independently on an activity. There are also opportunities for staff to work 1:1 with clients at specific times.

At times participants in the Activity Enrichment Program work on contracts and work projects. Individuals are supported to develop the skills and behaviors needed for effective involvement in supported work.